Final Conference on PROFILING in Rome

Rome, 26 September 2014. A conference entitled “Protecting Citizens’ Rights Fighting Illicit Profiling” will be held in Rome on 26 September 2014. Hosted by the Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI), the Conference represents a unique opportunity to present the main findings of the two-year project PROFILING.

The project included a background analysis and risk assessment on profiling and its impact on fundamental rights, and the elaboration and testing of questionnaires with the involvement of the national data protection authorities of the 28 EU Member States and Switzerland, to assess the present European legal framework. Fieldwork was conducted in three selected countries – namely, Romania, Germany and Italy – on the legal aspects related to the evolution of technologies, with a specific focus on data retention and e-commerce.

During the Conference the results of the survey conducted in the 28 European Union Member States and Switzerland as well as the results of the fieldwork conducted in Romania, Germany and Italy will be presented.

Moreover, high-level international experts and representatives of national authorities working on protection of personal data and privacy at European level will present their experiences and debate on possible strategies and good practices to be adopted in the future regarding profiling practices and citizens’ rights.

Download the PROFILING_Agenda_final_meeting_1609

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