WS 0 – Management and coordination of the project

This workstream includes all activities involving the coordination, financial management and the administration of the different actions of the project. During the kick off meeting a complete schedule of the project planning and management, distribution of the different tasks, definition of steps and tools of the internal evaluation, organization of the durability of the actions, has been agreed. All the internal evaluations activities are driven, following three steps of ex ante, in itinere, ex post evaluation, by the Project Coordination Structure in close cooperation with all the partners and with the support of an external evaluator selected to this aim.


1. Project planning deliverables; 2. Minutes of the project meetings; 3. Monitoring reports; 4. External evaluation report

WS 1 – Desk Review and Risk Assessment

Since the first E-Directive on Data Protection, the evolution of technologies has been astonishing, and now the exiting rules are far from providing the adequate level of harmonization between countries and the adequate protection for the citizens. In particular, profiling represents one of the challenges to data protection and a risk, not even addressed in the legal instruments, for the fundamental rights.  After an analysis of the current state of the art of profiling definition, domain of application, impact on fundamental rights, evolution of technologies this workstream is focused on assessing the possible risk of profiling at different levels in the EU member states.


1. Working paper on the evolution of technologies; 2.  Working paper on definition and domain of application of profiling; 3. Working paper on impact of profiling on the fundamental rights; 4. Check list of risks factors

WS 2 – Data Protection Authorities and Profiling: Legal rules and remedies in the 28 Member States

The challenges posed by the new technologies on Data Protection not only open a hot debate on new hidden risks of profiling, but also require the development of a common approach for Data Protection Authorities and an update in the EU and national legislation on Data Protection to ensure compliance and promote an effective protection. This workstream will focus on developing and testing a questionnaire meant for the National Data Authorities with the aim of understanding the level of awareness on profiling practices and existing remedies.


1. Questionnaire for the Data Protection Authorities; 2. Comparative report on 28 MS

WS 3 – Fieldwork in Three Member States

Fieldwork in Germany (political activism), Italy (border control), and Romania (e-commerce). This fieldwork aims to acquire a full picture of the risks related to profiling, and identify countermeasures, and will involve various actors such as legal practitioners, technologies experts, scholar and companies.


1. Germany country report; 2. Italy country report; 3. Romania country report

WS 4 – Dissemination and mainstream

The dissemination of the activities, events, conferences, workshop with policy stakeholders, will take place during the related activities of the Project, the events organized and through the applicant website and also the website of any partner. At the very end of the project the result will be disseminate through a conference at the European Parliament.


1. Final research report (comparative report foreseen in WS2 + country reports)

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